Lego u-boot

lego u-boot

eBay Kleinanzeigen: Lego Uboot, Kleinanzeigen - Jetzt finden oder inserieren! eBay Kleinanzeigen - Kostenlos. Einfach. Lokal. eBay Kleinanzeigen: Lego Uboot, Kleinanzeigen - Jetzt finden oder inserieren! eBay Kleinanzeigen - Kostenlos. Einfach. Lokal. Ergebnissen 1 - 16 von Produktmerkmale Das U-Boot von Iron Skull verfügt über ein rotes Totenkopf- Logo, ein LEGO City - Tiefsee-.

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Lego City 60092 Deep Sea Submarine / Tiefsee U-Boot - Lego Speed Build Review

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It even has an interier and can even fire torpedoes. I mean awesomeness dude! Fortunatly I live in Chicago, and am lucky enuf to have access to Americas only captured museum U-boat.

So check out my Type IX U-boat! This is a Real piece of Work!!! As good as it gets. Ships and or Submarines are maybe the most difficult items to capture in Legos and this is just a Top of the Line Job.

I love the coloring and the interior. I did notice that it lacked a radio and sonar room. That's not a bad thing, although the crew might want to communicate with the fleet and be able to detect depth charges when needed.

Overall, I would give it an above and beyond award for acuracy. Now thats a proper job, the overall shots look like a regular model kit the kind that needs glue and paint.

This is so cool!!! I have seen a lot of models, but this is really one of the best!!! Ive changed my username from Patrick Spittler to LegoGenius I love the way you built the body.

I wish I could build one that good, but I don't have enough of the right kind of gray pieces. All I have are mostly colored pieces.

Keep up the good work!!: Inkognito You know its VERY close to minifig scale even if you state it isnt ;- An U-boat is very complex and hard to build like every other ebject with a complex shaped hull.

Looks like you build one of the earlier type with 88mm cannon I think it was not a mm cannon and only one AA.

The rest of the boat looks like the orginal as far as I can check in some minutes. Painting is great with different colored bricks and it looks nearly perfect used: Lots of pics with much details.

I miss a stem pic where I can see the main deck from above or from aside. Their hunting ground was the Indian Ocean, using bases in Japanese occupied Malaya and Singapore for replenishment.

In March , the U Lt. Oesten , having already sunk several merchant ships on her Atlantic patrols, torpedoed the British battleship Malaya, which was escorting a convoy.

The battleship was repaired in New York, but was effectively out of the war. Under Capt Rasch, U went on to sink many more merchantmen in the Atlantic before being destroyed by air attack off Cape Ortegal, Biscay, on August 2, Their high surface speed made the Type IXs very effective in surface night attacks.

This is my Model of Unterseeboot U The model weighs 15 pounds and contains some bricks without interior. There are no actual torpedo tube doors shown on the model, but they would barely show on the real hull so why go through the effort of making something nobody would notice?

The "Winter Gardens" are made from curved, rubber-covered copper wire same dimension as Technic tubing sorry, guys, i didn't have the part so i improvised and the smaller railing underneath is made from greased twine.

The flag was a contribution I came up with on a rainy afternoon, so i took some sharpies, paper, a needle and glue and made an authentic Kriegsmarine flag.

Sorry for the swastika, but i like accuracy and an "x" is not what the Kriegsmarine used on their flags. I think its a good model, what about you?

The "winter garden" the curved rails at the back of the conning tower are made from rubber coated copper wire and the skinnier rails underneath are made from greased twine.

The flag was made from paper, sharpies and a sewing needle flagpole stuck into the greased twine. The radio wires and net cutter cable were made from heavy thread.

Sorry for the cheats, but those were details that lego parts could not represent properly. I collect signed fotos of german u-boats commanders , now my question for you: How can I make a lego -u boat?

Wunschlisten Füge Produkte deiner persönlichen Wunschliste hinzu, indem du auf die Wunschliste klickst. Sollte etwas nicht in Ordnung sein, bemühen wir uns umgehend für eine Lösung in Ihrem Interesse. EUR 24,99 20 gebrauchte und neue Artikel. Book Depository Bücher mit kostenfreier Lieferung weltweit. Dieser Händler hat keine gültigen Bewertungen Händler bewerten! Wasserfahrzeuge für Kinder Hobbys. EUR 88,89 8 neue Artikel. Nur noch 12 Stück auf Lager - jetzt bestellen. Die Teile Steine sind bespielt gebraucht , es können Staub und Gebrauchsspuren auftreten. Es handelt sich um den Kasten U-Boot mit Taucher. Das Schatzsucher-Team hat den grünen Atlantis Schatzschlüssel gefunden. Nur noch 1 Stück auf Lager - jetzt bestellen. Erreichen Sie mehr als Millionen Käufer. Geld verdienen mit Amazon. EUR 72,80 18 gebrauchte und neue Artikel. Bei Sortierung nach einer anderen als der Landeswährung des Händlers basiert die Währungsumrechnung auf einem von uns ermittelten Tageskurs, der oft nicht mit dem im Shop verwendeten identisch ist. EUR 34,00 25 gebrauchte und neue Artikel. Zustand deutsche städte einwohner Kartons siehe unten. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Erreichen Sie mehr als Millionen Käufer. Beste Spielothek in Meinkenbracht finden Kraang haben sich die Energiezelle geschnappt und sind in ihrem kleinen Kraang-U-Boot geflüchtet. EUR ,95 1 gebrauchte und neue Lego u-boot. Playmobil - U-Boot mit Unterwassermotor. Vorkasse, Heavy chips casino bonus code, PayPal, sofortüberweisung. Besuche doch unser Forum! Bitte gib einen Grund für die Fehlermeldung an! Das Set ist neu und ungeöffnet. Füge Produkte deiner persönlichen Wunschliste hinzu, indem du auf die Wunschliste klickst. EUR ,95 28 gebrauchte und neue Artikel. U - Boot und Riesenkrebs Der riesige Krebs bewacht mit seinen Abholung nach Vereinbarung möglich A Volders. I suggest you to join submarines' groups. MOCpages is an unofficial, fan-created website. Could you check my sub too? Add to my favorite builders I guess it would look great next to my virtual Tirpitz. I wish I could build one that good, chat for fun I don't have enough of the right kind of gray pieces. I love your boat. This is a Real piece of Work!!! Nicely done, I dream of making one myself, one that would fit minifigures, btw, serie b live say it's not build to minifig scale but I think if you compare with a fig gasthof altes casino petersberg size casino petersbogen leipzig be about right, even though it doesn't fit figures, Anyway, great job, only the "curved" hull looks a bit blocky but I guess that's an issue all submarine builders are casino $50 no deposit bonus trouble with, Great Beste Spielothek in Sülsdorf finden. Model of a U-boat in about a minifig scale.

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